>>DRUMROLL for….. the first blog post!

This is the post excerpt.

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So, apparently, this is my very first post so I guess I have to say something…//awkward moment!// ๐Ÿ˜€

*takes a deep breath*


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I am uploading some of my previous posts from my other social media platforms and future ones here to consolidate my thoughts, ideas and growing knowledge and understanding of the global economy in which we live in from a macro- to micro-, to the individual level.

I hope you will find something that touches and inspires you to work your way up Maslowยดs hierarchy of needs (if that is the still the benchmark of human fulfilment) and find your true self and happiness – and yes while the last part sounds all sloppy and what one has come to term: tree-hugging and hippy-like, it is also common knowledge that wealth and money donยดt fulfil that inner void of happiness, which indeed, comes from within. Wealth also won’t also buy you longevity and health so you have to make the most of your life. The best way to do so is to understand how the world works to see how youย fit in,ย  and how you can help make a positive (and selfless) change for yourself and your fellow human-beings.


There is nothing better than going to sleep with a smile or laughing and so why not take our final nap the same way I say…


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