We were just getting used to the innovative and speedy services provided by the young and tech-driven bank and yet, they just got more practical with another practical feature.  

Imagine a space where you can share your account details with friends or business partners securely for the purposes of collaboration? Something like a file-sharing (like a SharePoint Online or Google Suite) solution for your banking needs? 

Well, the N26 Bank recently announced the launch of a feature dubbed ‘Spaces’. This new addition provides a fast and easy way to set aside money based on your personal preferences and requirements.  

With Spaces we give users the freedom to set up their financial world without the limitations of traditional banking,” Valentin Stalf, CEO and Co-Founder of N26. 

What does that mean?  

You will now be able to instantly move funds to your personalized “Space” and back to your main N26 Personal/Business/N26Black/Metal account – and control over how you organize your money and keep track of multiple financial goals.  

Create a space N26This means that for the first time in banking, one can create tailored sub-accounts to save or allocate money for the purchases and experiences whether it be shopping for a wedding, starting a small business or planning a holiday. 

Your Spaces are set up as separate sub-accounts, making it even easier to maintain discipline and take full control over your daily spending. Some people (very few referred to as penny-pinchers) are disciplined enough to be already doing this but by using tedious spreadsheets or pen and paper.

This mobile and easy to use feature will, however, give you the flexibility of customizing ‘Spaces’ by choosing names, transferring money seamlessly between accounts with simple drag-and-drop motions, and opening and closing the spaces as when as needed.

1807_SpacesMVP_DragandDrop_CRM_Animation_EN (1)

One can now set up savings goals for each Space you create, enabling you to track progress in reaching different goals and giving you even more control over your finances for personal or business purposes. 


Some ‘good to knows’

  • Spaces is available immediately to customers in all 17 markets that N26 operates and also available in the mobile and WebApp.
  • In addition to your main account (or primary Space), you can create and delete additional Spaces as often as you’d like but the number of active Spaces at any one time depends on your account type: 2 more Spaces with an N26 or N26 Business account or up to 10 additional Spaces with N26 Black and N26 Metal.
  • Your primary account statements will include all transactions sent to a ‘Space’ or received from one. You can download balance statements from the confirmation page.
  • Only your primary Space can be negative (if you are eligible for an overdraft). All other balances in Spaces cannot be negative, meaning you can only transfer what is available in a particular Space.
  • You can only use the balance from your primary Space toward your Mastercard transactions. So consider transferring money before making a purchase if needed.
  • Drag money from one Space to another by dragging your finger from one Space to another. Once the amount is confirmed the balance is updated right away.

Welcome to the future of innovative and mobile banking!

– Click on the card to get your new* N26 account –


*The personal card is free of any monthly management fees and available in EU and soon in the USA.



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