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At Debunqed, we aim to ‘simplify’ the use of software, technology, and all things about online global business,  to provide you with simple online tech solutions.




Debunqed provides your Startup or small to large enterprises (SMMEs) with the necessary  software licenses & IT advice to help you run your operations quickly and cost-effectively. This is achievedby offering the best price for some of the best SaaS brandsWe also supply PC hardware  – at reasonable discounts.

We also offer customised business solutions using enterprise software to help your business with a partial, or full digital transformation of operations.

What differentiates us is our swift response times, attention to detail when it comes to your business needs, our friendliness and most importantly, our flexibility when it comes to your budget.

Our informative blog and its contents deal with the software and online tools required to live a pain-free life on the digital sphere.

the Team

Robert Quarshie
Robert is the owner/founder of Debunqed & has over 10 years of experience in Cloud-based IT (SaaS) & B2B Sales combined. His management style ensures the right skills are sourced to help growing businesses enjoy the best online experience and receive efficient/effective customer service at all times.
Qasim Hussain
Technical Lead & Sales Rep
Qasim is in charge of our technical-related issues & problem-solving. He has extensive knowledge in B2B sales strategy. This logical thinking comes from his engineering background. He has worked with the likes of Microsoft & BMW (UK).
Sujo Mulamattathil
Digital Strategy Consultant
Sujo is one of our consultants & business partners. His knowledge and expertise in IT architecture makes him our ‘go-to’ person for digital transformation & for the digital business strategy needs of our clients.
Alistair Anderson
Freelance Tech Writer
Alistair is a seasoned journalist writing full-time for a top financial magazine & is based in South Africa. His areas of expertise include finance, property investments & of course, technology and digital business.
Hayssam Ahmad
Technology Solutions Consultant
Hayssam has a solid background in Business Administration & Computer Science. Sam’s visionary approach to the use & development of cutting-edge technology has seen him work for top companies like Microsoft, Sawa ISP (Syria), and Rhode & Schwarz (Germany).
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