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Banking made easy!

The sexy looking N26 Metal card is available (for now) in Germany, Austria, France, and Italy! Read about what this Fintech / savvy online bank is about and has to offer. via Your portable ATM Advertisements


Top Crypto-coins to look out for now

Some nice insights into the trending top Cryptocurrency coins out there with a good explanation as to why they are great coins to invest in. A good idea to look into these ahead of a potential June ‘bull run’ via My TOP 10 Coins Or own Bitcoins directly:

For investment gains or for purpose?

As much as institutions, risk-averse, or simply skeptical people have downplayed the new digital currency revolution – it still, a decade after coming to public light, remained resilient and now ever so prevalent in our society. Bitcoin now gets a regular mention in daily news and stock market reports. It is also being traded by

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Piggybacking on company success

After having several conversations which clearly highlight the fact that the business of share trading and its intricacies still create a dark cloud to many, and an unnecessary element of sophistication at that, it is only fair to (in true fashion) take a step back, delve in and break it down by discussing not

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Forex on steroids!

With all the negative and positive commotion surrounding the Crypto market – it still begs the question, for those still curious: what does it take to engage in the trading of Cryptocurrency? And by trading, we are not referring to the price speculation in a portfolio as one would with the price of a company’s

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The not-so mysterious world of cryptocurrency

Billionaire investor Warren Buffet once correctly referred to financial derivatives as “weapons of mass destruction” and warned that they are detrimental to the global economy and financial markets.  They have a way of creating something supposedly of intrinsic value out of nothing – that is as dangerous as propaganda that leads to conflict or promotes

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