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The advent of cryptocurrency has also brought about a new wave or means of reward people for using products, services or spending hours online, known as ‘tokenizing’.

This is not a new concept and has been in use with the gaming world years. So, while you earned or bought tokens to help unlock new levels or get better tools to help you complete a level in your fantasy, first-person shooter or Candy Crush game, on the Crypto scene, your tokens are monetarily valued.

The difference between the token system in gaming vs crypto-trading is that with the former, you pay to get tokens whereas with the latter you earn tokens which have monetary value.

Some platforms issue the tokens free to attract new investors (in pump-and-dump schemes) and this is something that the authorities have been even more strict about regulating or banning altogether. This is because of their misleading value often based on nothing tangibly owned. Some of these companies brazenly and aggressively list ICOs and then disappear within months with investor funds.

Recently a company claiming to offer a cryptocurrency had its operations shut-down completely by police because its alleged Ponzi-like scheme offering what they called ‘OneCoins’ but having people ‘pay in’ to earn more of these tokens by adding more people to the ‘network’.

The so-called coins despite being ‘earned’ and punted as being a new form of currency to even help previously disadvantage people with little to access to banking had no intrinsic value whatsoever – so the rest is history with OneCoin.

A more secure, useful and guaranteed way of earning such tokens, which can, in turn, be traded for Cryptocurrencies as intermediary currencies, is to earn them on a secure trading platform like on iqOption. This is a more practical use of tokens and they are earned based on your Crypto trading activity and used to offset commission payments. So, while there are no fees for depositing or withdrawing your funds trading Cryptos on iOption, pay a commission on each purchase. This rate was 10% of each purchase but has recently been slashed to 2,9% – very reasonable when compared to other charges!

The Online Trading Network (OTN) as it is dubbed, when the market goes live as with a crypto exchange with its own unique intermediator token. Crypto trading exchange Binance, has its own called BNB, will allow one to switch coins on the platform while trading for cash. So, you will be able to use some Bitcoins (BTC) to get Tron (TRX), for example, using your OTN token/s as the interchanger. As with trading Forex, it’s like exchanging South African Rands to US dollars to get Ghanaian Cedi for example because the rate between the Cedi and Dollar is more favourable. That way, you save somewhat by converting that way – gaining from ‘spread’ trading.

To understand a bit more about how the OTN Network works and how to earn them on iOption watch the videos above and start a free trial before diving in.

Have fun!


Your portable ATM

Banking made convenient via mobile app

The older one becomes, the more inclined to question things that were seemingly sensible or the “right thing to do” sometime in the past. I remember the euphoric feeling I got when I opened my first chequing (non-savings) bank account – and yes, it was only until my early twenties that this happened. These days kids as young as 5 years of age, own bank accounts!

The feeling of being able to own, manage and move funds was short-lived and soon plagued with costs such as service fees, transfer charges, inconvenient waiting queues, withdrawal charges and even sometimes a deposit charge in some extreme cases. I am not a fan of the banking system, and to be honest, that is why the new blockchain technology fascinates me – I am secretly hoping it will not crash or end up being a fad.

I did, however, stumble across a (mobile) bank that ticks a lot of boxes when it comes to charges but more so, on the convenient side of things. I have since I opened an account (which took minutes from the comfort of my dining room table) at the N26 Bank, never stood in a line at a bank for money, not worried about if the ATM closeby will charge me to withdraw cash because it was a different institution and best of all – grocery shopping is a breeze with full smartcard functionality!

Granted, many retail banking institutions also offer mobile-banking services but this one adds that extra bit of practicality by incorporating credit card-like facilitates. So, you can now easily order and pay for items online; make bookings for traveling, your favourite game, shows and events – and even purchase Cryptocurrency if you are into that as well. All the same way you do so with a credit card but have the statements and benefits of using a debit card.

Online banks are at the forefront to benefit from digital currency trading via the convenience they provide

There are many more benefits to using this bank and as an advocate for practicality, I am only mentioning the ones that help me directly. One can also open savings and investment portfolios within the app (and control the type of investments based on risk), and apply directly for instant credit or loans based on your monthly transactions (which is available to you constantly at no additional cost). The tracking of revenue versus expenses – which is presented beautifully in an easy-to-understand format on the app.


This makes the qualification processes for external funding even faster provided you meet some standard criteria.

This inadvertently also saves you more in money and time it would have taken to print out bank statements, book appointments (taking time off work) or as most do, use a lunch-break to drive and wait in traffic to get to your local branch. The whole concept of branches is also very restrictive and outdated. I was once not allowed to deposit cash into my own account from the same retail bank ATM (with outlets nationwide) just because I was out of jurisdiction – in a neighbouring city 35 km from my branch!

Banks will be banks – there will naturally be costs involved at some point (no such thing as a free lunch). When a bank, however, minimises costs (without frills) and adds convenience with the advent of Fintech – I lean towards it. They are currently just European-based (though transfers are borderless if sent in US Dollars via partner TransferWise) so that is pretty much the only ‘drawback’ along with the territory-based credit, loan and savings facilities.

As a progressive youth-mindful bank (with an equally millennial-oriented advertising campaign) I am pretty certain the bottle-necks are being worked on quickly. They are backed by reputable institutions so they can only grow and expand offers further abroad.

I await more these and more development but for the time being, it fully serves my needs where I am based.

Click on one of these cards to get your new* N26 account!

*The personal card below (to the left) is free of any service fee.