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There are an alleged 21 million Bitcoins ever made There are 17 million of them are currently in circulation which means 3 million coins are still “up for grabs”.

But the three million ‘not yet mined’ coins are however becoming harder to attain even with the best mining software and hardware in place.

You don’t have to mine the Cryptocurrency to own it. Especially because it is quite uneconomical to mine them. You can tap into the pool of 17-odd million coins  in circulation but purchase them in their fiat currency equivalents.

But where does one get them then? After all, Cryptocurrency is this dark and mysterious transaction system used only by criminals and drug addicts right?

Purchasing them therefore would then naturally occur in a shady online place like the deep web – where they are used to acquire illicit things.

Not quite!

There are publicly accessible marketplaces where one can securely purchase Bitcoins. 

In the world of digital currencies, Bitcoin serves as the Dollar-like go between that allows people to purchase other currencies (altcoins)

The actual trading of cryptocurrency “pairs” then takes place on and specialized Crypto exchange like Binance or Bitfinex. A demand for it will naturally result in the increase in the value of other affiliated currencies (Altcoins).

The other major Crypto intermediator that functions like the dollar is called Ethereum.

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You can get your Bitcoin to add to an exchange or your choice or to keep safe via online wallet or  Crypto cold-storage is called Paxful.

Based in the USA, Paxful is a unique bitcoin marketplace where one can buy bitcoins from trusted sellers (vendors).

It boasts a collection of over 1,200 trusted vendors and purchase time of fewer than 10-15 minutes to receive Bitcoins.

Here are some of the benefits of getting your coins through Paxful:

Almost every payment option

Vendors accept over 300 payment options. This makes it easier for you to remain anonymous. You can buy Bitcoins using gift cards, cash deposits, online wallets or credit cards.

Low commission

One is charged a Bitcoin’s blockchain network fee when Bitcoins are moved out from a Paxful wallet. You get to keep “more money in the pocket” by holding almost the full value of your Bitcoins stored with them.

Fast, easy & secure

As are a buyer on Paxful, you are 100% protected. Like a bank, all vendors are vetoed for legitimacy. This ensures that you can pay with confidence, and via a 2-factor authentication system escrow.

This is the highest-level encryption and professionally audited security tool.


Other benefits include a rating of buyers to help you identify the best sellers to get your coins from.

One can chat to real people on the other side when conducting transactions. This is facilitated with full mobile and desktop notifications via email and the full conversation transcript.

To be anonymous, payment for coins via Amazon Gift cards, for example, are usually the easiest way to achieve this.

Paxful comes with full support and even has a section for businesses to use Paxful as a payment system for their clients without bank accounts. This is facilitated with the relevant APIs to link to their eCommerce sites.

In summary, the Paxful wallet is designed for mainstream users so even least technically savvy people.

Bitcoin first-timers can easily use Paxful wallet to make their way into the trading of altcoins or just hold the coins for a large breakout in price.

Get you free Paxful wallet here!


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