Acunetix - Premium

Acunetix - Premium


Additional features above the Standard version :

-Dashboard views allow you to quantify the current state of your security, track changes over time, and measure your improvements.
-Generate executive reports, developer reports, as well as specialized compliance reports: HIPAA, PCI-DSS, ISO/IEC 27001, and more.
-You can control access per target and per function using admin, tester, and auditor access levels.

-Acunetix Premium introduces functionality so you can fully integrate it with your SDLC and make web vulnerability scanning part of your development and operational processes.


*Pricing is for 1 years’ license for unlimited scans of a minimum of 5 targets.

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Acunetix Premium is a web application security solution for managing the security of multiple websites, web applications, and APIs. Integration features allow you to automate your DevOps and issue management infrastructures.

Helps to Find, Fix and Prevent web-based and application vulnerabilities

  • Highest detection rating of over 7000 vulnerabilities in custom, commercial, and open-source apps with nearly 0% false positives.

*Price covers 5 websites/domains (targets) – for pricing for more than 5 targets, please get in touch.


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