Netsparker - Enterprise

Netsparker - Enterprise


Large organizations are usually the most security-conscious because they fully realize the value of their assets and are often prime targets for cyber-criminals. However, large businesses and institutions are also the most complex, making it more difficult to attain the best possible security posture. That’s why you need the power of the right solution.

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Netsparker Enterprise is a comprehensive web security partnership program destined for very large organizations. Our focus is on becoming your web security ally, not just on delivering a leading-edge product. With Netsparker Enterprise, you can be sure that no matter how complex your environment is, we will help you protect it in the most efficient way possible.

  • It automatically crawls and scans all types of legacy & modern web applications including HTML5, Web 2.0, and Single Page Applications (SPA), as well as password-protected web assets.
  • Vulnerabilities are automatically assigned a severity level to highlight the potential damage and the urgency with which they must be fixed.
  • The Asset Discovery service continuously scans the Internet to discover your assets based on IP addresses, top-level & second-level domains, and SSL certificate information.
  • Integrates with Slack, Microsoft Teams, Github, GitLab, and more…

*For large companies/enterprises with 50 or more websites/domains. 


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