Simple CRM systems

In times of operational crisis, being able to respond to queries from a horde your customers baying for your blood, can be the difference between a successful business – or a dying brand. Being responsive is vital because we live in an era where people can communicate with companies in real-time. Customers can send questions … Continue reading Simple CRM systems

Great PC Phone Plug-ins for your CRM & ERP tools

Before deciding to purchase a top CRM solution like that of  Microsoft Dynamics, many companies are left to question the said  CRM’s integration capabilities — specifically, whether the Microsoft Dynamics Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) integration is user-friendly. Find out the benefits, how to do PC (VOIP) phone integrations and what is on offer by a top supplier here: Practical CRM & ERP integration tools

Practical CRM and ERP tools

You can integrate a top CRM solution with your phone system With over 40,000 companies* and 4.4 million users utilizing Microsoft Dynamics CRM, it is evident that the benefits of the software (suite) are plentiful. From offering real-time visibility and analytics, to track performance, it provides a way for companies to manage their cash, assets, budgets, … Continue reading Practical CRM and ERP tools