Special Projects

Circle App

Debunqed is working in collaboration with the founders to bring this brilliant product to the market.

Circle App protects the application generation by covering business activities while giving employees a full home office productive environment, that is reliable & Secure.

It is an on-premise solution, a self-contained environment (isolated container) used via a client’s operating system on their PC/mobile device.

It provides you with an encrypted area on a device where they can then install and run any application or software.

To learn more about this product, how to get involved, or to book a demo, visit the website.

Mantodea Tech

We are one of the consultants working with this cutting-edge B2B provider of software and hardware solutions for the sports industry.

Visit their website to request more information on how to get involved, partner, or for a demo of their products.

More exciting projects are in pipeline!

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