With the price of property rentals exponentially increasing in major cities, it’s no surprise why many smaller companies opt to sell online.

Your online shopping cart software, therefore, creates an important connection between you and your customers. It must therefore help you achieve three goals:

-Deliver the best and most secure experience for your users;
-Make it simple and desirable for them to complete transactions;
-Minimize common ecommerce hurdles (such as shopping cart abandonment).

So what you do to enhance the online shopping experience and keep your customers coming back to your virtual store? Apparently, quite a bit according to a new solution by Salesforce and a third-party developer that aims to do the following:

Enhance user experience

Your customer’s journey doesn’t end once they reach the shopping cart, and the same expectations for ease, innovation, and efficacy still apply.  You must be ready to fulfill these expectations, hold their attention, and guide them through the finishing steps of the buying funnel.

First and foremost, customers expect consistency, reliability, and speed. Most users are now accustomed to the speeds facilitated by broadband Wi-Fi and omnipresent LTE mobile networks.

Source: Demandware.com

Your shopping cart software needs to be configured so that any pop-up menus appear nearly instantly. There must also be minimal lag time between page transitions — or you risk losing the sale.

Research indicates that 78 percent of ecommerce consumers completed a purchase on their mobile device in 2016.

We can likely assume that percentage has only increased. Therefore, delivering experiences that embrace mobile best practices has to be one of your primary concerns as you choose a solution.

Your buyers also want an integrated product search function that delivers accurate results. They need helpful results whether they know the exact keywords, or are simply browsing more generally.