We spoke about globalization in an earlier post on some general terms – citing that it has taken a different shape or evolved. This article below however, delves deeper and highlights on nine reasons why this evolution will be forced to happen.

It is so well written, it covers all salient points and asks all the right questions – such as what we have pondered on the validity of GDP as a measure of success. The Intelligence Quotient (IQ) has of late been questioned as the main determinant of intelligence in the advent of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and soon Artificial Intelligence (AI). Likewise, we must question the accuracy in the way the success (or disguised failures) of a nation is presented, and what we are told is required for this success to materialize.

We especially loved this analogy of the current world situation and if anything is to be taken from this article, this is it:


Again kudos to the author Gail Tverberg for this in-depth piece (featured on her website on 31 Jan 2018). In it, Gail touches on issues such as a population growth, a growing wage-disparity, heavy energy consumption, and the demand for cheaper alternative energy:

Read about the 9 reasons here:   https://wp.me/p3dRG-b4w

Also read more on how Globalization has evolved here

Hope you enjoy it as much as we did, and that it has the same effect it had – getting one to think outside the box and look at the big picture.


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