Here is a list of sites and terminology used or referred to in the blogs within their categories. Will be updating this section regularly so keep coming back for more and of course, your suggestions are also more than welcome!

1. Investing:-


Savings: visit your local bank’s website or branch for options. Here is a list of the best yielding international interest rates by Forbes.

Property: check out websites of your local estate agencies but also inquire from your bank as they work together when it comes to helping you to successfully securing a mortgage.

Securities Trading : EFTsFutures (Binary) Options Equities Indexes Forex Swaps Commodities Cryptocurrency.

Mutual Funds: a guide to what they are here.

Like savings accounts, they can be set up by banks. Visit your local bank to inquire about them. Here is an online guide to some top rated Mutual Funds by Money Control.

Venture Capital: find the exact definition here.

There are numerous websites in which you can find people needing funding such as Kickstarter which even has a downloadable app. If you are going for the big time (like for tech-startups) and want to offer serious funding it is better to use a guide.

Trading terminology and concepts:

+Dividends – defined.

+Leverage trading – how it works.

+Main Technical Analysis tools.

+Identifying Market Trends.

+Price-Earnings (P/E) Ratio: defined.

How they work: Stop Loss Order; Pending Order; Take Profit Order, Trailing Stop Loss.

Top Online trading platforms:

Plus 500 for Equities, CFDs, Indices, Commodities, EFTs and some Cryptos.

eToro – for social trading mainly of CFDs, Indices, EFTs and some Cryptos.

Trading212 – for Equities, CFDs, Indices, Commodities, EFTs and some Cryptos.

IQOption– for CFDs, Swaps, Options, Forex and Cryptos.

Binance– one of many exchange platforms (based in Hong Kong) where you can actually exchange Cryptocurrencies!

Check out Top-ranked FX trading platforms for beginners.

Top Cryptocurrencies:








Blockchain Technology: Explained here.

+ An interesting feature on Cryptocurrency and its demand for electricity.

+ Keep up with the news on Cryptocurrencies at Coindesk – very resourceful!

+ This page can be used for a list of the Bitcoin mining software.

+Great comparison of Crypto-wallets.

+A list of all the available Cryptocurrency exchanges. (ranked by trading volume and capital).

+Comparison of the Cryptocurrency Exchanges: the rates, fees, and availability.

2. Sustainability:-


Sustainability by Swiss-based (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute) MDPI`s Journals – Open Access (Peer-reviewed articles).

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – defined here.

3. Technology and Software:-


For finance and banking:

Financial technology or Fintech


For Cloud Hosting Services:

Microsoft Azure, Amazon Cloud, IBM Cloud, Google Business, and SAP.
For Email hosting:

Exchange Online, GoogleBusiness (G-Suite).

SMTP – Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

Powershell: full definition, and resources here.

Domain Routing – defined.
For Collaboration:

SharePoint Online, G-Suite Teams

Video, Instant messaging, HD conferencing and calling: Skype for Business

Top 20 collaboration tools compared
For Transport:

Future of Motoring: Tesla

For Social Media:

Twitter LinkedIn Snapchat Photobucket Facebook Flickr Google+YouTubeFacetime Yammer Pinterest and more that pop up monthly!


Machine Learningdefined by a provider called SAS.

Internet of things (IoT) – nicely defined and summarized by Business Insider

Software as a Service (SaaS)defined by Investopedia.

Information Technology (IT) – defined.

Open Source – find the full definition as well as resources at Open Source Initiative

Internet Service Providers (ISPs): defined. Check out a list of them courtesy of

Interesting paper on Technology and Globalization.
Useful sites for further reading & research:

4. Psychology:-


Emotional Intelligence via TalentSmart.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs: The Theory Explained.

Artificial Intelligence (AI): defined by Investopedia.

+Read more about AI by the Internet Society.

For further reading and research: hsystemv Social Science Research Network.

5. Economics:-


Elasticity: defined by Investopedia.

Supply and Demand – defined.

Creative Destruction – defined.

Neoclassical Growth Theory – understand it here.

Globalization – a comprehensive look at globalization101.

Fiat Money – defined.

Free Trade Areas – defined.

Inward Investment – defined.

Return on Investment (ROI) – defined.

Foreign Exchange or FOREX explained.

Populism – defined.

Decentralized banking versus centralized banking: interesting video explanation.

Read up on how Reserve Banks operate here.

6. Sales and Marketing:-


Consumer (Buyer) Behaviour – explained and illustrated.

Sales software (CRM):

Dynamics (Microsoft)










Sales mentors:

Ryan Stewman aka Hardcore Closer.

Daniel of SalesRemastered.

Frank Furness:

+Great article on Sales Persuasion: Persuasion Tactics of Effective Salespeople.

7. Business of Sport:-


Sports salaries – Global Sports Salaries Survey


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